Packaging Options

Standard 25/50-Kilogram Bags

Smaller bags in standard weights of 25 or 50 kilograms are suitable for customers who require more manageable quantities. These bags are commonly used in industries like construction, paints, and coatings. 

Different type of bags available are :

  • Paper bags
  • Block bottom pp woven bag

Jumbo bag- ( 500 kg-2000 kg )

Large bulk bags, also known as Jumbo Bags, can be used to package and transport a substantial quantity of mineral micronized powders. These are often used by industrial customers who require significant volumes of the product. 

Products are packed n different type of bulk bags like :

  • FIBC bags
  • Anti static bags 


Bulk Tankers

Bulk tankers are designed for high-capacity transportation, making them an efficient choice for delivering large quantities of mineral micronized powders.

Delivery Options

Our dedicated customer support team is always available to assist you with any delivery-related queries or concerns. You can rely on our team to address any issues promptly and provide updates on your shipments.


Ideal for local and regional deliveries. Offers flexibility for smaller shipments.

Container/Ocean Freight

Best for international shipping. Secure and cost-effective for large quantities.

Bulk Tanker

Suited for transporting bulk materials in large quantities.


Waterway transportation for heavy and bulk items. Suitable for coastal areas.