Natural Calcium Carbonate (GCC) - White/Off White

Our natural calcium carbonate, available in both white and off-white variants, is derived from carefully selected limestone deposits. It is known for its remarkable purity and high brightness, making it a preferred choice across industries.


  • Paint and Coatings: In the paint and coatings industry, our white/off-white GCC acts as an extender, enhancing hiding power, whiteness, and coverage. It improves the quality and durability of paints, resulting in smoother and more attractive finishes.

  • Plastics: As a filler and extender in plastics, GCC improves the strength and performance of plastic products, while also reducing costs. It enhances the mechanical properties and contributes to the ease of processing.

  • Sealants and Adhesives: In sealants and adhesives, our GCC enhances the overall performance, including bonding strength and consistency. It plays a crucial role in maintaining product integrity.

  • Pharmaceuticals: The pharmaceutical industry relies on our GCC as an excipient in various drug formulations. It ensures tablet binding, aids in drug release control, and enhances the stability and appearance of pharmaceutical products.

  • Food and Beverage*: In the food and beverage industry, our GCC is used as a dietary supplement and an anti-caking agent. It ensures the flowability of powders and contributes to the quality and safety of food products.

  • Paper and Printing*: GCC is a key component in the paper industry, where it enhances the properties of paper and printability. It helps in achieving smoother paper surfaces and sharper print quality.

  • Environmental Applications: In environmental applications, GCC is used as a neutralizing agent in the treatment of acid mine drainage and industrial waste. It aids in the remediation of contaminated water sources.

  • Cultured Marble Manufacturing: Calcium carbonate is used in the production of cultured marbles, which are engineered stone products. It is combined with resins to create realistic-looking marble surfaces for bathroom fixtures, countertops, and other decorative applications.

  • Casted Polymer Composites: Calcium carbonate is incorporated into cast polymer composites, such as solid surface materials and engineered stone, to enhance their durability and appearance. These materials are used for countertops, sinks, and other decorative surfaces.

  • Custom Particle Sizing: Custom particle treatments involve creating particles of specific sizes to meet unique requirements in various industries. This can be applied to improve the performance of powders in applications like cosmetics, ceramics, and coatings.

  • Surface Modification: Surface modification of particles can enhance properties such as wettability, dispersibility, and adhesion, making them more suitable for specific applications. For example, surface-treated particles may improve the flow and mixing characteristics of powders in food processing.

  • Concrete and Construction: Calcium carbonate is commonly used as a filler material in the production of concrete. It enhances concrete’s properties by improving its workability, strength, and durability. It also serves as a cost-effective way to reduce the amount of  cement required in concrete mixes, reducing construction costs.

Our Natural Calcium Carbonate, available in both white and off-white varieties, is a versatile mineral that plays a crucial role in enhancing product properties, improving whiteness, and reducing costs across a wide spectrum of industries. Its exceptional quality and performance make it an indispensable component in numerous applications, contributing to the success and quality of various products.