Ultra-Fine Calcium Carbonate

Our Ultra-Fine Calcium Carbonate is a product of exceptional quality, processed to achieve an extremely fine particle size. This finely milled calcium carbonate is characterized by its small particle size, high surface area, and remarkable purity. It is sourced from high-quality limestone deposits and is an ideal choice for applications that require exceptionally fine particles.


  • Plastics: In the plastics industry, our Ultra-Fine Calcium Carbonate is used as a functional filler, improving mechanical properties and contributing to the structural integrity of plastic products. Its fine particle size ensures even dispersion and superior reinforcement.

  • Rubber: Ultra-Fine Calcium Carbonate enhances the performance of rubber compounds by reinforcing strength, durability, and wear resistance. It is especially valuable in the production of rubber products such as tires, hoses, and seals.

  • Paper: Our product is employed in the paper industry to improve paper opacity, brightness, and smoothness. The fine particle size ensures that paper surfaces are even and suitable for high-quality printing.

  • Paints and Coatings: In the paints and coatings industry, our Ultra-Fine Calcium Carbonate acts as a performance enhancer. It contributes to improved hiding power, rheology, and overall coating performance. Its fine particles ensure an even and smooth finish.

  • Inks*: For the ink industry, the ultra-fine nature of this calcium carbonate guarantees excellent dispersion and color consistency. It is used in both traditional and digital printing to achieve sharp and vibrant images.

  • Adhesives and Sealants: Ultra-Fine Calcium Carbonate is employed in adhesive and sealant formulations to enhance bonding strength, viscosity control, and product consistency. Its fine particle size ensures uniform distribution.

  • Construction Materials*: In the construction industry, this product finds use in various materials, including paints, plasters, and architectural coatings. It contributes to product quality and appearance, providing smooth, even surfaces.

  • Pharmaceuticals*: Ultra-Fine Calcium Carbonate serves as an excipient in the pharmaceutical industry, aiding in tablet binding and controlled drug release. It enhances the overall quality and stability of pharmaceutical formulations.

  • Cosmetics*: This product is used in the cosmetics industry for its smooth texture and ability to serve as a bulking agent, improving the texture and feel of cosmetic products.

Our Ultra-Fine Calcium Carbonate is prized for its exceptional particle size, which ensures superior performance across a wide range of applications. It contributes to the strength, smoothness, and quality of various products, making it a preferred choice in industries where fine particles are essential.