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UAE Sustainability Policy

At Hormoz Powder we are fully committed to all key sustainability drivers in the region, for both businesses and individuals, includes energy efficiency, compliance with regulatory and corporate social responsibility policies relating to the environment, efficient waste management and disposal (including recycling), the sourcing and use of water, the food supply chain and air, water and ground emissions. The topic of sustainability has become increasingly important in the UAE in the last five years, from Dubai announcing its objective of being one of the most sustainable cities in the world, to sustainability being one of the core themes of the EXPO 2020 plans. With the rapid development and change in the UAE, sustainability is more important than ever. There is no one definition of sustainability but it is generally described as living within the means of our environment, without harming or depleting such environment for future generations. Sustainability is of importance to everyone – it can provide both major opportunities and risk in long term.

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